Business Law Term Paper Ideas: Current Problems To Explore

A number of students find it difficult to determine the ideas that they can explore in their business law term papers as numerous of those ideas are either too generic or claimed by other students. In such a situation, some students may find themselves stuck in a position where they cannot proceed with any idea. One of the ways to come up with unique topics for the business law term paper is to focus on the problems currently prevailing in that domain. Such topics carry high value because they have real world implications and they focus on issues that are being observed around us. This article will help such students find unique ideas by highlighting some of the current problems pertaining to business law.

Ambiguous Terms in Contracts

One of the aspects which can be focused on is the presence of some ambiguous terms in contracts. This is the problem that has plagued business law for a very long time. Although individuals with special knowledge on business law will be able to identify the terms that may have ambiguous meanings, an individual who is not familiar with such terms may accept the contract with different interpretation than the one it intends to communicate. In such a situation, it may become difficult for the contracting parties to enforce the contract subsequently as they may have different interpretations of the contract. Students may explore this issue and highlight the possible solutions that can be implemented.

Vicarious Liability

Among the confusing aspects of business law, one is ‘vicarious liability’ which implies that for some acts of employees, the responsibility of the act will lie upon the employer. For example, in the ordinary course of business, if an employee causes a damage to a third party, the employee will not be directly responsible but the employer will be. A number of individuals find this law a little unfair because it may not always be the case the employee was performing the task with due diligence.

Difference between Advertisements and Offers

Students may also highlight the difference between advertisements and offers, as most individuals interpret advertisements as offer however they are ‘invitations to offer’. This ambiguity has caused significant trouble to individuals in the past and it continues to do so. The ideas specified above can help students develop impactful and relevant term papers pertaining to business law topics.

Never wait until the last minute to get started

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