24 Great Chicago Research Paper Topics You Can Handle With Ease

To many students, the most difficult part in writing research paper is selecting the topic to write about. However, this should not be difficult because there is a lot to research about, and come up with interesting arguments and conclusions.

To help you come with an interesting topic, here below are 24 suggested topics. Each topic can be stand-alone research paper subject, or provide a good starting point for development of idea on what to write about. Either way, the listed research paper topics are quite helpful to anyone looking for ideas on what to write about.

  1. Balancing the rights of pro-choice and pro-life in the U.S Constitution.
  2. Evaluating the rights of the unborn versus the rights of the mother in the constitution.
  3. Reserving special positions in government for marginalized communities in the society – how it can be achieved.
  4. The chances of the United States electorate electing a woman U.S. president. Focus on the 2016 U.S. presidential elections.
  5. Separation of state and church versus the contribution of religion to the public good.
  6. Fairness to the parents who pay twice for education, versus no government support.
  7. Place by academic ability versus placement by age.
  8. Setting up special classrooms for person with special needs versus mainstreaming of students with disabilities.
  9. Effects of steroid use on human health.
  10. Medical marijuana – the benefits and hazards.
  11. The risk and befits of vaccination.
  12. How tobacco affects human body.
  13. The various sleep disorders and their treatments.
  14. Artificial tanning risks and the effects of exposure to sun for prolonged duration.
  15. Low fat diets versus low carb diets.
  16. The benefits of aerobics versus weight training.
  17. Techniques, successes and the new strategies to enhance recovery from coma.
  18. The basic types of cancer and their treatments.
  19. Evaluating the effectiveness of non-medical cancer versus holistic treatments
  20. The medical connection between physical well-being and emotional stability
  21. Sociopathy – psychological and biological roots, typical patterns and treatment options.
  22. Congenital heart disease –how to treat, and how it differs from other types of heart diseases.
  23. Downloading of media, such as software, videos and music – does it infringe on the rights of producers on social media?
  24. Nuclear weapons and the theory of deterrence – can we have a nuclear weapons free world?

The above 24 topics will definitely give you an idea on what you should write on, in your research paper.

Never wait until the last minute to get started

Some research papers can take weeks to complete, so if your deadline is some time away you need to make use of your time now. You can use an outline to help you break up the work into smaller tasks. You can spread the work over time and make it easier on yourself. Some elements of the paper may take longer than others, but using your time wisely will help you make a difference.