15 Impressive Research Paper Topics About The Death Penalty

Death penalty is one of the most controversial topics that are still being debated over social media and TV news rooms. So what can you write on this already popular topic that will make some contribution? There is already too much information across the internet debating the pros and cons of capital punishment. So to make your paper interesting you will have to write on something has not been explored too much or bring out a perspective that is creative and unique in its own way.

How do you find these interesting topics? Read the various articles and the debates on social media. Among these content you will be able to find relevant information that will let you do some further research and come up with unique and interesting topics on death penalty. Here is also a few topics that are fresh and has not been being over explored.

List of 15 interesting topics on death penalty:

  1. Why death penalty should not be done away with. A perspective from the victim’s family.
  2. How the accused is as a person and why does it matter.
  3. Interviews and accounts of people who knew the victims personally and how they justify capital punishment from the accused.
  4. The various ways death penalty has been dealt to prisoners throughout the century.
  5. Does death penalty ensure swift justice?
  6. The most painless technique should be used or the most violent and painful one.
  7. Should the victim or the victim’s family be allowed to watch the accused death? Does it give them closure of some kind?
  8. Should newspapers and media be allowed to film death penalties so that it sends out a strong message to future offenders?
  9. What grounds should be valid to stall the sentence.
  10. The most humane way to kill a person? Is that even possible?
  11. How a person convicted of death sentence should be treated.
  12. What crimes should draw the death penalty?
  13. Should the accused be given a chance to reform or the victim’s revenge is more important?
  14. Why a person shouldn’t be entitled to his revenge and demand eye for an eye or life for a life in that matter.
  15. A case study of various criminals who were sentenced to die. How did they spend their last hours? Did they repent their sins?

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