Getting A Sample Research Paper Methodology On The Web

The methodology section of your research paper is the most technical section. This is the part of your final project where you inform the reader of the exact steps you took to complete your analyses and your final project including the procedures you followed and the tools you use for completion. The entire purpose of this section is to provide the reader with enough detail that they could re-create your entire project themselves and confirm the results that you received through the methods.

Because this area is very technical in nature and has many technical aspects to it is best to procure a sample on the web so that you can familiarize yourself with the exact styles and formats utilized in this area of your paper.

So where can you locate a sample?

  1. You can find a sample of the methods section in and the research paper where an experiment or study was conducted. Some research papers are based on case studies whereas others are based on quantitative research. If you already know which method you were going to use, qualitative versus quantitative, then you will want to include that keyword in your search so that you do not end up following something which does not coincide with your particular assignment.
  2. When you are looking for a sample you want to begin by looking over your school website. The Internet is a treasure trove of samples but your school website is one which will contain samples that meet with the school requirements and even perhaps the requirements of your particular professor. If you are able to find sample on your school website or your school library page then you might be able to use it as a template when creating your paper.
  3. Another place you can look is another school website. Just because your school does not have what you need does not mean that you are limited to that website alone. You want to try though and stick with academic-based websites because they have already been vetted and they offer more high-quality and academic content guaranteed. Try and find a program that has a similar department is yours when you search for your example so that you can review the content they have.
  4. If you must go beyond the school website try and stick to a website that is still affiliated with an academic department or educational foundation. Avoid commercial websites or websites whose authors cannot be located.

Never wait until the last minute to get started

Some research papers can take weeks to complete, so if your deadline is some time away you need to make use of your time now. You can use an outline to help you break up the work into smaller tasks. You can spread the work over time and make it easier on yourself. Some elements of the paper may take longer than others, but using your time wisely will help you make a difference.