Top 25 Most Interesting Research Paper Topics On Kate Chopin

As Kate Chopin was one of the best known American female authors of the 19th Century, there is a wealth topics that can be used on which to base your research paper.

  1. Discuss whether the female advocates in Chopin's works compare to the woman of today who successfully competes in a male-dominated society.
  2. Explore the difference between the way that Kate Chopin treated the female characters in her short stories in comparison to her longer pieces of work.
  3. Do you think that the women of today, have a similar level of determinism in comparison to the character of Mrs Mallard in 'The Story of an Hour'?
  4. Explain the poignancy of Chopin's use of imagery and its effect on the sense of drama that is evident in 'The Storm'.
  5. Which characters has Chopin developed that illustrate the difficulties that women had in making major decisions about their lives?
  6. Chopin not only tackled feminist topics, she also detailed some of the conflicting views that were held by the insular society in which she and her characters lived. Discuss.
  7. What literary tools did Chopin use to help the reader appreciate the shared depth of knowledge regarding the daily lives of her main characters.
  8. With reference to the character of Mrs Mallard (The Story of an Hour), discuss Chopin's treatment her short lived sense of personal freedom.
  9. Discuss the use of symbolism that Chopin uses in her three major works (The Awakening, The Story of and Hour and The Storm).
  10. In The Awakening, how important was it to Edna Pontellier that she achieved personal freedom and what lengths was she prepared to go to achieve this?
  11. Does the suicide of Edna Pontellier (The Awakening) illustrate a resolution in her success or her failure to achieve independence.
  12. In The Awakening, Mademoiselle Reisz is portrayed Edna Pontellier's spiritual mother. Explain the relationship between the two women.
  13. Illustrate Chopin's successful use of irony in 'The Story of an Hour'. What did Chopin hope to achieve by using this strategy?
  14. Why were some of the topics and social situations used by Chopin in her works considered to be radical?
  15. How much of Kate Chopin's life is mirrored through her writing? What was her view on segregation in society?
  16. In what way did Chopin use her writing as a weapon against the oppression that she personally experienced?
  17. Discuss how women's rights have evolved over time. What historical events have supported or influenced this evolution? Relate this to Chopin's work
  18. To what extend did the Industrial Revolution influence the freedom, rights and social change for women in society both in Europe and America.
  19. In 'The Storm' there are actually two storms. One storm is very visible and that is the one that faces Bibi and Bobinot. What is the other storm?
  20. 'The Kiss' illustrates how things and people are not always what they appear to be. What writing strategies does Chopin use to exemplify this?
  21. Compare and contrast Chopin's ability to use symbolism to promote deeper meanings and imagery through her writing.
  22. In what way was Kate Chopin's life similar to that of some of her unconventional female characters in her stories.
  23. In her story about 'Desiree's Baby, how does Chopin illustrate the effect that love has on changing attitudes and beliefs?
  24. Compare Chopin's first novel 'At Fault' 1890 to her last novel 'The Awakening' 1898, focussing on her treatment of acceptable behaviours of females in society.
  25. Using 'The Awakening' as a focus, discuss Chopin's treatment of female characters in comparison to the earlier works of her contemporaries.

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