List Of 30 Term Paper Topics In American Literature

Do you have to create a paper on American Literature? There are several topics you could pick for this article. Below, we suggest 30 research topics that may help you decide a suitable title for your upcoming paper.

Colonial Period: 1607 – 1765

  1. William Bradford texts are among the first documents in English
  2. Anne Bradstreet was the first American poet
  3. Edward Taylor’s “Meditations”
  4. Cotton Mather’s writings
  5. Benjamin Franklin autobiography and various writings
  6. Revolutionary Period: 1765 – 1789

  7. Thomas Paine was an ideologist in this period
  8. Patrick Henry’s writings on British tyranny
  9. Phillis Wheatley supported abolitionism
  10. Phillip Freneau supported American Revolution
  11. George Washington’s speeches and writings
  12. Nationalism and Romanticism: 1789 – 1830

  13. Washington Irving’s various writings, such as The Sketch Book , where the author talks about contemporary issues
  14. James Fenimore Cooper, who wrote a very successful series of novels in the USA
  15. William Cullen Bryant’s poems show influence by Calvinist and influenced Abraham Lincoln
  16. American Renaissance: 1830 – 1870

  17. Oliver Wendell Holmes, who wrote poems and other texts
  18. James Russell Lowell’s poems and outstanding sonnets
  19. Henry Waldsworth Longfellow’s story books
  20. Ralph Waldo Emerson’s writings inspired by transcendental beliefs
  21. Margaret Fuller, who wrote against sexual discrimination in the 19th century
  22. Herman Melville’s Moby Dick is one of the most well-known stories of all times
  23. Edgar Allan Poe’s detective fiction books, other amazing thriller books and writings
  24. Realism: 1870 – 1914

  25. Frederick Douglass’ speeches
  26. Sojourner Truth’s texts on abolitionism and woman universal suffrage
  27. Walt Whitman’s poems and the first free verses in American literature
  28. Contemporary Literature 1914 – to present

  29. Robert Frost’s poems and various writings
  30. Ernest Hemingway’s portraits, such as Old Man and the Sea , where he show what life is for some elders
  31. Pearl S. Buck, who wrote about the condition of women in China in The Good Earth
  32. Arthur Miller’s The Crucible , where the integrity of human beings is tested and analyzed
  33. Joyce Carol Oates, cruel novels that will move the reader
  34. Tim O’Brien’s Vietnam novel which focus on cowardice, theories of war and courage, as well
  35. Maya Angelou’s I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings is a novel where the author there is a negative image of men and the importance of education is stressed

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