Top 25 Most Interesting Western American History Research Paper Topics

Have you ever seen the HBO series Deadwood? It’s utterly fascinating and sticks to the written histories of such famous outlaws as Wild Bill Hickok, Calamity Jane, and the town of Deadwood—a town without laws where the lawless came to mingle. There are several chronicles of this history, including a very interesting one by an author named Pete Dexter—it’s one of MY favorite books.

What’s interesting about yesterday’s West is it’s kind of like the Compton they speak of in rap music—an area ridden with crime, debauchery of all kinds, alcoholism, opiate addiction (back then they called it laudanum)

And there are all kinds of topics to choose from in any paper addressing the famous figures whom we know so well through myth, legend, and newspaper reportage.

The 25 Top Most Interesting Western Research Paper Topics

  1. Why did they call her Calamity Jane? An Honest Account of the Hard-Living Woman Behind the Legend.
  2. Wild Bill Hickok and the Stage—From Outlaw to Actor
  3. The Violence of Jesse James – From Deaths by Gun to Death By Gun
  4. What is Manifest Destiny and How does the American West Illustrate this Term?
  5. Western Films: A Completely Different Genre
  6. Musicians and the Mythology of the American West
  7. Newspapers of the Old West
  8. The Pinkertons and their Influence on Western Life / History
  9. Is the West Different Today or are Some Areas Similar to the Old West?
  10. Were There any True Cowboys?
  11. African-American History in the Old West
  12. African-American Criminals of the Old West
  13. Were There Any Black Cowboys?
  14. Al Sweringen—A Curious Figure Who Owned an Even More Curious Saloon
  15. Why Do They Call it the “Wild, Wild” West?
  16. The Possibilities of Bringing Native Americans into the Picture Creates a Plethora of Explorations

  17. Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee: What it Teaches Us About Native Americans in the Old West.
  18. The Biggest Indian and American Battles in Western History
  19. Why Do They Call it the “Wild, Wild” West?
  20. Native Americans and the Old West: The Most Brutal Battles Ever Fought?
  21. What were the Wars Between Soldiers and Native Americans like in the Old West?
  22. The Trail of Tears and the Consequences of It
  23. Crazy Horse and The Old West
  24. Sitting Bull: A Bull of a Native American who Fought for His Beliefs
  25. Red Cloud and His Place in Western American History
  26. Famous Native American Leaders in the Old West

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